Vitamin B12 Injections

Do you experience any of these conditions?

• Fatigue

• Depression or moodiness

• Memory impairment

• Chronic Pain

• Acne

• Weight Issues

• Unhealthy hair and nails

• Sleep disorders

• Asthma or allergies

• Numbness or tingling

Or do you have any of the following?

• A stressful life

• Poor diet

• Suboptimal digestion

• Vegan or Vegetarian diet

• Pernicious Anemia

• Thyroid Disorder

• Compromised Immune System

You could be deficient in many B vitamins

• Patients with any of the preceding conditions may benefit from weekly or monthly injections

• Coffee, alcohol, stress, and toxins can also rapidly deplete our bodies of these nutrients.

• The injections have few side effects and are safe and effective for most people.